Community Support

The following resources are provided by the jQuery community free of charge.

Commercial Support

The following member companies offer commercial support services for jQuery, including consulting and training.

The JavaScript experts at Bitovi can help you build the next killer JavaScript app. Our unique experience and tools provide a critical advantage developing enterprise grade JavaScript applications.

Contact: or (312) 620-0386

Leveraging the power of the Write Less, Do More JavaScript library, a few jQuery Team members launched appendTo, LLC in October 2009 to train and support jQuery programmers, while expanding the use of jQuery to web technology worldwide. The mission of this innovative company is to bridge the growing gap in front-end web development best practices through training and support.

appendTo offers JavaScript training, JavaScript consulting as well as a few different support plans.

Contact: or +1(877) jQuery-Help

Bocoup builds complex cross device and cross platform JavaScript software for startups, the fortune 500 and federally funded education projects.

Bocoup offers in depth JavaScript training on a number of subjects including jQuery. Learn more about our Training at

Contact: or 617.379.275