jQuery Foundation – Team Members

In the spirit of Open Source, the jQuery Foundation welcomes contributions from anyone in the community with a desire to advance the mission of the Foundation. Every contribution is appreciated. It is not necessary to be a team member to make a contribution, and we understand that many contributors may not have the time or expertise to make a long-term commitment to a jQuery Foundation project.

Contributors who make significant and continuing contributions to the jQuery Foundation or one of its hosted projects may be invited to become team members. An invitation to membership is generally made by consensus within a project's team members. Team membership recognizes exceptional work and implies a continuing commitment to helping jQuery Foundation projects thrive.

link Duties

Each project team decides its own criteria for team membership and duties. Team members are generally expected to:

  • Attend regular team meetings on IRC, Skype, or other forums;
  • Be reasonably available if questions or problems arise;
  • Interact with the community in a pleasant and constructive way;
  • Triage bug and issue reports regarding the project;
  • Participate in team design discussions for future releases;
  • Write code for patches and new features;
  • Update, correct, and create documentation.

link Orientation

Documentation for the processes shared by all teams is publicly available at http://contribute.jquery.org and includes things such as coding style and commit message formats. Teams may add their own guidelines or rules, and should document these so that new team members can quickly come up to speed. If a team member expects to be unavailable for an extended period, such as during travel or vacation, they should let their team(s) know.

link Benefits

A team member's time, expertise, and regular contributions are the lifeblood of a project. In recognition of this, the jQuery Foundation provides opportunities to team members that can be professionally rewarding and just plain fun.

link Conferences and Team Meetings

The jQuery Foundation regularly runs US conferences where we invite project team members to attend. The Foundation can generally cover travel expenses when an employer or other sponsor cannot. This gives the teams an opportunity to meet each other face-to-face, plus a valuable opportunity to talk with attendees who are the users of their projects. Team members are encouraged to submit topics for talks, especially when it relates to the work they've been doing.

In addition, the jQuery Foundation often grants licenses to organizers in other countries to run conferences. Past conferences have been held in Canada, England, Austria, Russia, and South Korea. These can provide team members with additional travel and speaking opportunities. Conference organizers have the final word on attendance but are generally thrilled to have more team members come and are willing to pay travel expenses.

link Professional Interactions

As a member of a jQuery Foundation team, you will have the opportunity to work with team members of other major Open Source projects and for-profit companies. These are great for making contacts to improve your professional development. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. Realize that most people will perceive you as representing yourself, your project, and the jQuery Foundation, so be sure to participate in a constructive and respectful way.

link Tools and Services

Several companies have generously provided the jQuery Foundation free access to their products and services. This includes BrowserStack, which can run many different browsers from within a browser interface. Many teams use IRC for communications, and the jQuery Foundation runs an IRC "bouncer" (ZNC) to make it more convenient to use; team members can use this bouncer without charge. Other tools or services may be available to team members of specific projects.