The jQuery Foundation Board of Directors

  • Dave Methvin


    Dave is a long-time contributor to jQuery, providing extensive help on the jQuery bug tracker and in the jQuery discussion forums. As the lead of the jQuery dev team he works to ensure high quality, timely, releases of the library, organizes the planning and development efforts of the team, and generally drives the direction of the library.

  • Kris Borchers

    Executive Director

    Kris works daily to help drive the jQuery Foundation toward its mission to make the open web accessible to everyone. Whether he is working with project developers, meeting with current and future supporting members or even occasionally writing a bit of code, he is always working to grow the foundation and help it bring the greatest positive impact to the open web as possible.

  • Adam Sontag

    Events Lead

    Adam J. Sontag is a New York City-based developer with Boston’s Bocoup. He's been involved in many facets of the jQuery Foundation, and as events lead is dedicated to curate conferences and other events that engage our community and further our goals of bringing developers into the process of building the open web.

  • Dan Heberden


    Dan is a software engineer at Bazaarvoice in Austin, TX. In the past, he has lead efforts to improve the server infrastructure of the jQuery Foundation. He now focuses on the content being communicated by the jQuery Foundation. Dan has also worked with other open-source projects, such as Bower and FirefoxOS, and is an advocate for open technology.

  • Ralph Whitbeck

    Developer Relations Lead

    Ralph is a Developer Evangelist at Atlassian and lives in Rochester, NY. Ralph leads the Developer Relations effort for the Foundation and was a cohost of the Official jQuery Podcast that ran from 2009 - 2011.

  • Anne-Gaelle Colom

    Content Lead | jQuery Mobile

    Anne-Gaelle Colom is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster in London, UK. She is passionate about the use of technology in Higher Education as well as the Web and Mobile world. Anne-Gaelle joined the jQuery Mobile team in October 2011 to become the documentation lead a few months later.

  • Mike Sherov

    jQuery UI | jQuery Core

    Mike is a Senior Software Engineer at Behance, from Plainview, New York. He is involved in development and testing efforts across multiple jQuery projects. Mike focuses his efforts around the CSS/JS interactions and works with the standards bodies and browser vendors to move the web forward.

  • Alex Sexton

    JavaScript Developer | Curator of TXJS

    Alex Sexton (@SlexAxton) is a JavaScript Developer from Austin, TX and an Engineer at Stripe. He's a member of the Modernizr core team, former co-host of the yayQuery podcast and author of many open source JavaScript libraries including the Jed Toolkit, and yepnope.js. He focuses primarily on the challenges involved in creating large single-page applications, especially those that use jQuery.

  • Andy Smith

    Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM

    Andy Smith is Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM and based in Raleigh, NC.  He works in the Open Technologies and Cloud Performance team at IBM focusing on open source software and standards  for mobile related applications and services.

  • Steve Newcomb

    Steve Newcomb is the co-founder and CEO of - a JavaScript platform that enables developers to build animation rich experiences, interfaces and widgets integrated into responsive designed websites and mobile websites. He serves as a senior fellow at UC Berkeley School of Engineering and prior to Steve was the co-founder of Powerset, a semantic search engine that was bought by Microsoft and later became the search engine Bing. Steve is a self taught designer/engineer and has dedicated himself to education and accessibility for engineers of all levels.

  • John Resig

    Emeritus Member | Creator of the jQuery Library

    John is the original creator of the jQuery library. He works with the jQuery dev team and the jQuery board to help set the direction of the project.

The jQuery Foundation Board of Advisors

  • Matt Mullenweg

    Founding developer of WordPress | Founder of Automattic

    Matt Mullenweg is one of PC World’s Top 50 People on the Web,’s 30 under 30, Business Week’s 25 Most Influential People on the Web, and Vanity Fair’s Next Establishment. He is the founding developer of WordPress, the Open Source software used by over 22% of the web, including this site.

  • Karl Swedberg


    Karl Swedberg (@kswedberg) is a web developer and co-author of Learning jQuery and The jQuery Reference Guide books by Packt Publishing. The jQuery Reference Guide served as the foundation for, which Karl continues to help maintain.

  • Brian Leroux


    Brian helped create, foster and lead the efforts now known as Apache Cordova and its popular downstream distribution Adobe PhoneGap. A huge advocate for the open web and making it a first class platform.

  • Chris Williams

    Maker of Improbable Things

    CTO @ Emerging Technology Advisors; VoodooSpark; node-serialport; nodebots, nodecopter; JSConf; RobotsConf; SaferAging; BeerJS; and more.

  • Yehuda Katz

    Standards Lead

    Yehuda is a developer living in San Francisco, CA who maintained the web site Visual jQuery, and published the Visual jQuery Magazine. Additionally, he’s a frequent contributor to the jQuery Blog and promoter of good practices within the jQuery core. Yehuda is a member of the Ruby on Rails Core Team, and spends much of his time traveling to promote and evangelize both jQuery and Rails.

The jQuery Team

The jQuery team is made up of subteams working on various areas of the project. For example there are subteams that work on Mobile, Core, UI, Events, etc. Without the contributions of the following people we could not exist:

  • Clark Allan


  • Julian Aubourg

    Core | Standards

  • Leo Balter


  • Jay Blanchard

    Developer Relations

  • Kevin Boudloche

    Developer Relations

  • Isaac Durazo

    Outreach (Design)

  • Corey Frang


  • Sarah Frisk

    Chassis Lead

  • Jasper de Groot


  • Cory Gackenheimer


  • Oleg Gaidarenko


  • Richard Gibson

    Sizzle Lead | Core

  • Michał Gołębiowski


  • Scott González

    jQuery UI Lead | Infrastructure

  • James M. Greene


  • Felix Nagel


  • Ryan Neufeld


  • Addy Osmani


  • Alex Schmitz

    Mobile Lead | UI

  • Gabriel Schulhof


  • Timo "Krinkle" Tijhof

    QUnit | Infrastructure

  • Adam Ulvi

    Infrastructure Lead

  • TJ VanToll


  • Arthur Verschaeve


  • Rick Waldron

    Core | Standards

  • Timmy Willison

    Core Lead

  • Keith Wood

    Developer Relations

  • Rafael Xavier

    Globalize Lead | UI

  • Jörn Zaefferer

    QUnit Lead | jQuery UI Dev Lead | Infrastructure

Past Team Members

These are the members of the jQuery team alumni. We recognize them for their contributions to the jQuery Project. They may not be as active in the project as they were before but they are still considered key contributors for the jQuery Project.

  • Brandon Aaron


  • Mike Alsup

    API, Forum, and Plugins

  • Rey Bango

    Developer Relations

  • Paul Bakaus

    jQuery UI Creator

  • John Bender


  • Tyler Benzinger


  • Kin Blas


  • Nate Cavanaugh

    Design and Web

  • Darcy Clarke

    Design and Web

  • Kim Cooperrider


  • Chris Coyier


  • Alex Dovenmuehle


  • Nate Eagle


  • Ariel Flesler


  • Ryan Gibbons


  • Skye Giordano


  • Maurice Gottlieb


  • Marc Grabanski


  • Klaus Hartl


  • Mike Hostetler

    Infrastructure and Operations

  • Paul Irish


  • Scott Jehl


  • Sean Koole


  • Chris Lea


  • Jeff Lembeck


  • Cody Lindley

    Developer Relations

  • Mat Marquis


  • Doug Neiner


  • Todd Parker


  • David Petersen


  • Stefan Petre

    Creator of Interface Plugin

  • Abby Phoenix


  • Tane Piper

    Developer Relations

  • Corey Quinn


  • Philippe Rathé


  • Jason Scott


  • Ghislain Seguin


  • Boaz Sender

    Content, Design, and Web

  • David Serduke


  • Bradley Sepos


  • Craig Sharkie

    Events (Pacific-Asia)

  • Jonathan Sharp


  • Remy Sharp

    Developer Relations

  • Leah Silber


  • Nate Tassinari


  • Patty Toland


  • Maggie Costello Wachs


  • Wesley Walser


  • Richard D. Worth

    Executive Director, UI