link EFFECTIVE AS OF: June 3, 2015link ARTICLE I: INTENTThe name of this corporation is the jQuery Foundation, Inc. (the "Foundation"). The Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes under the laws of the State of Delaware. link ARTICLE II: PURPOSEThe purpose of the Foundation is to promote the common business interest of … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation Trademark Policy

The mission of the jQuery Foundation is to improve the open web, making it accessible for everyone through the development of open source software projects and collaboration with the development community. To that end, we provide individual open source projects with a top-level organizational structure and other resources that they need to produce the code … Continue reading

Travel and Reimbursable Expense Policy

link Guiding PrincipleEach dollar you spend under this policy exists to further the mission of the jQuery Foundation. These are special funds of a member-supported not-for-profit organization. The community has placed a trust in you as a team member to be reasonable and prudent in expending these resources. link To Whom Does This ApplyIf you … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation Code of Conduct – Enforcement Manual

This is the enforcement manual followed by jQuery Foundation's Code of Conduct Committee. It's used when we respond to an issue to make sure we're consistent and fair. It should be considered an internal document, but we're publishing it publicly in the interest of transparency. link The Code of Conduct CommitteeAll responses to reports of … Continue reading

The jQuery Team

The jQuery Foundation Board of Directors Dave Methvin President Dave is a long-time contributor to jQuery, providing extensive help on the jQuery bug tracker and in the jQuery discussion forums. As the lead of the jQuery dev team he works to ensure high quality, timely, releases of the library, organizes the planning and development efforts … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation – Team Members

In the spirit of Open Source, the jQuery Foundation welcomes contributions from anyone in the community with a desire to advance the mission of the Foundation. Every contribution is appreciated. It is not necessary to be a team member to make a contribution, and we understand that many contributors may not have the time or … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation Code of Conduct

Like the technical community as a whole, the various jQuery Foundation teams and communities are made up of a mixture of professionals and volunteers from all over the world, working on every aspect of the mission – including mentorship, teaching, and connecting people. Diversity is one of our huge strengths, but it can also lead … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation Code of Conduct – FAQ

This FAQ attempts to address common questions and concerns around the jQuery Foundation's Code of Conduct. If you still have questions after reading it, please feel free to contact us. link Why have you adopted a Code of Conduct?We think the jQuery Foundation community is awesome. If you're familiar with the jQuery Foundation community, you'll … Continue reading

Join The jQuery Foundation

Joining the jQuery Foundation has a couple of meanings. First, there is the act of a project becoming a jQuery Foundation project and benefiting from our open web ecosystem. If that's what you're looking for, check out the different projects that are already part of the foundation and see what it means to be a … Continue reading

The jQuery Foundation Members

Corporate Members Diamond Members WordPress is publishing software with a focus on ease of use, speed and a great user experience. WordPress is blessed with an active community, which is the heart of open source software. End-to-end JavaScript is a top developer’s friend when it comes to quickly integrating feature-rich apps. IBM is committed to … Continue reading

Our Projects

From our inception, the jQuery Foundation has been about much more than just jQuery. We strive to provide a home for open source projects that are essential to, and support our vision of, making the web accessible to everyone. Check out a sampling of what we provide for these projects and our philosophy around governance, … Continue reading


2014 August 2014 August 13th, 2014 – jQuery UI 1.11.1 Released July July 1st, 2014 – jQuery Mobile 1.4.3 Released June June 26th, 2014 – jQuery UI 1.11.0 Released May May 23th, 2014 – jQuery UI 1.11.0 Beta 1 Released May 1st, 2014 – jQuery 1.11.1 and 2.1.1 Released April April 25th, 2014 – jQuery … Continue reading

Join our Open Web Movement

For years, the jQuery Foundation has supported the development and growth of projects like jQuery, Dojo, Esprima, lo-dash, and Grunt. We strive to help each Foundation project succeed with its goals, make open source accessible to everyone, and encourage cross-project collaboration. Each project has different needs, so please contact us and we can discuss what … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation Mission & Vision Statement

link Vision StatementA world in which all web content is built on open standards and is accessible to all users. link Mission StatementTo improve the open web, making it accessible for everyone, through the development and support of open source software, and collaboration with the development community. link An open webWe believe that open standards … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation Board of Directors

The Board of Directors supports the mission of the jQuery Foundation and provides both leadership and strategic governance. Board members are not compensated for their duties, except for travel (governed by the jQuery Foundation travel policy) and other office expenses related to Board Member duties. New members are added to the Board from time to … Continue reading


Note: For the purposes of this document, the term "Project" will refer to any JS Foundation project using the MIT license AND referencing this document in the header of the distributed Project code or Project website source code. link Source CodeProjects referencing this document are released under the terms of the MIT license. The MIT … Continue reading

jQuery Foundation Code of Conduct – Changes

link Change control processWe're (mostly) programmers, so we'll track changes to the code of conduct and associated documents the same way we track changes to code. All changes will be proposed via a pull request to the jquery.org repository on GitHub. Changes will be reviewed by the conduct committee first, and then sent to the … Continue reading

jQuery Support

Community Support The following resources are provided by the jQuery community free of charge. jQuery Learning Center IRC/Chat Forums Stack Overflow Posts Commercial Support The following member companies offer commercial support services for jQuery, including consulting and training. Bocoup builds complex cross device and cross platform JavaScript software for startups, the fortune 500 and federally … Continue reading

Thanks for joining us

What happens next? You will receive an e-mail soon with details about the gifts you will receive and when you can expect them. Your name and gravatar will soon appear on our members page to show how awesome you are. If this is a problem (maybe you'd like to remain anonymous), send an email to … Continue reading